"You must go into barrage and get away"


BLICK Memory Kubilay Türkyilmaz tops the last six Super League rounds. In the end, it was fine to go into the barrage. "The drop last will do the burner too fatal."

For the first time in many years, FC Toon is back in the cup. This great success goes hand in hand with the suffering of the championship, in which Tan didn't win for eleven rounds.
That's no accident! The head is not quite in the Super League. And now that the final is right, even less. And after the game against Basel on May 19, it will not get any better. Not physically. It doesn't matter if Tan wins or loses the final.

Moreover, with Dennis Hediger missing the host. The man who stuffed these holes. His tactical intelligence misses the reins as cruelly as the goals of the storm trio Marvin Spielmann (in his head at YB), Matteo Tossetti (after his injury was not yet 100 percent) and Dejan Sorgik (no longer mocks, because passenger Tosheti doesn't. Fit is).

The Bernese Ullars lose all four games of their hard-to-do rest program and have to go to the barrage. With 40 points! And there they are in extreme danger, against Aarau I see them diving.

Why are these other teams rescuing? Lugano, where Fabio Celestini does an excellent job, is inspired by the idea of ​​finishing third. If Basel win the Cup last, the third placed player is in the group stage of the Europa League. The Ticino Hover!

Sion grabs 4 place

In the fourth place I see the Sion. Coach Christian Constantine will do it. The Valais team is not very strong in character. There are some people with personality. Not like Murat Yakin. He is a huge personality. He feels that many of the unstable players feel. This, released from the yoke, will play much better. And this is the quality of the team.
Then follow Lucerne and St. Louis. Because they continue as before: highs and lows in colorful episode. But this regular point is collecting and losing enough for the league league.

After that, Xamax. The miraculous rescue! But this is only because of the preliminary round classification. The Neuchatel has completed a goal in the last six rounds, so defense-stabilized She has succeeded Stefan Henchoz. As the only team, they have survived a game without being charged with champions Yb. And who gets goals.

The FCZ is saving, because I trust manager Ludovik Magnin to find the solution to get the necessary points. I don't see much technical quality in the team, which is why it's not surprising that the people from Zurich have to pull up to the end. But the two best in this regard are: Antonio Marchesano of Suspension and Benjamin Cololi of Injury. That's enough.

And record champion GC? Everything is already clear.

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