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"Would you say we would say: Wow!" – News International: Europe


"And what was your year?" It is the first sentence of Louis C.K.'s new program, actually a lame entrance. The sentence is strange, because the great, heavy man is pushing your "yours" inheritance, in contrast to his one year, which was catastrophic. The public knows it came to watch the fallen comedian resurrect. He, on the other hand, came to see the audience watch: How will it react to him?

The year of Louis C.K. Has 20 months. In November 2017, at the #Metoo Movement, an article appeared in the New York Times about five women accusing him of sexual misconduct: he was masturbating in front of them. His name has been added to the list Harvey Stone Stood. This is one of the darkest lists in the show business ever, and those who wanted to survive in the industry quickly have to distance themselves from it. Louis C.K.'s career Been over.

Teatro Nuovo instead of Madison Square Garden

He himself denied anything, but said the women's allegations were true: "In my long and happy career, I could tell and tell everything I wanted. I will now retire and just listen long. "

Is it for 20 months? Louis C.K. Now he's sneaking back into the public. While the comedian, who filled the Madison Square Garden eight times to the last of the 20,000 seats, has to come to a new, more intimate definition of the public, the Tatoro Navo has a 1000 viewer capacity, not in New York, but in Milan. Previously, he was in Greece. Today he performs in Bulgaria.

Dirty, frustrated, world famous

In a small and far from home, it is the test of an artist, whether the return to a business can be successful from which one was rejected. In the heart, however, is the question of how it can continue in principle with these Art Those artists who were about to boycott after the #meto revelation.

In Milan, tickets were sold quickly. Most of the visitors look younger, more academically and more vital than the 51-year-old Louis C.K .. The poster showed a sticky man in a polo shirt, with his bald head and beard. His long-haired, passive-aggressive appearance fits in the role that brought him world-renowned: the overweight, eroded, sexually frustrated, lonely, miserable, irresponsible, irrational and hateful, medically stupid, yet highly reflective, middle-class person working with There have been quarrels about a broken marriage and had to raise two daughters whom he loves about everything in the world, because otherwise he didn't have much more. You could say: a normal city dweller.

To play an average type is to address a huge crowd of people who can identify themselves with the livelihood. But Louis C.K. Not only does it reflect its viewers – it translates virtually for them. He is a master of tone and timing, and his black stories delight in being educated and nasty in the audience because they are crazy about madness.

How much he meets the audience's taste is undisputed.

In one of his funniest performances, he increases into a fantasy of violence in the hate of a child who paints his daughter in school. The story ends so much that he, the heterosexual Louis CK, the father of the child, who was just straight heterosexual, seduced so brilliantly that it is cheerful, in love with him, Louis CK, from which he then leaves the father, Shame on him and eventually ruin the hated parents' marriage.

Actually, these were fabulous times for Louis C.K. One never laughs better than when jokes were excessively allowed and illegally assigned. In the US There. Standalone tradition is widely permitted, which has never been strictly forbidden in the real world, as it is today. And because of Louis C.K. As an authoritarian liberator of the Jewish comedy, as his friend Woody Allen, he goes to much with him, which would not otherwise have been. It is undisputed how much he met the audience's taste: in his fateful year of 2017 alone, Louis C.K. $ 52 million earned.

Basically, Louis C.K. At the time of all those who graded behavior and opinions, especially in the US. There. Up and down, located on the morale right, just liberal side. This is a not so uncomfortable problem: what should a brilliant artist be like a brilliant person? In New York Times, he was even referred to as a feminist, even though he was even acclaimed as the "good conscience of the comedy scene", because he had hated people about hypocrisy – "about male hypocrisy". But what if Louis C.K. And Louis Székely, as the comedian actually means, are similar?

ענע A pearl note. Just like all of us »

In Milan, there are no protests before the show, as in the first comeback show in the United States. Before a San Jose performance in January of January, two dozen women have seen signs saying: "There is no greater danger for women than men."

Many women come to Teatro Nuovo. Anyone who asks them what they don't reveal about the visit served the answers with an Italian "Come On" gesture: Louis C.K. Not so bad; Anyone at the hotel room with one of these should not be surprised; The man was not a rapist, as Harvey was gaining ground; he was mostly a bastard who had the disaster to be lumped together with Tartar; What is happening in the US There. There is an excess of powder; If you boycott your art for this, you can't read a book, watch a movie. A young man says: "He is a pervert, like all of us."

Louis C.K. The two young comedians saw in 2002 and then the two invited to his hotel room. Dana Kindman and Julia Volov are young artists, he is already a star. In the room he asked the two if he could get his penis. They thought it was a joke and laughed. Louis C.K. Undressed and started masturbating. The two women later said they kept one another, cried out and laughed at Shrek. After ejaculation on his stomach, they fled. Other women have been told about similar cases with Louis C. Q. His uprising was an open secret – A secret, but his management didn't want to appear in public. The women tell about intimidation attempts.

Then Louis C.K. Red

"Women would have been there for a while," said Milan, she is in her thirties and an actress. He didn't attack the women, and even asked her permission, "What if she didn't say it?" In fact, at least one said no, Rebecca Cori. In 2005 he approached them during a joint shoot. Could he ask you a question? She said yes. He asked if they could go to their dressing room and he was allowed to masturbate in front of you. She said no. He reminded Korri, remembering that he had problems.

None of the visitors here in Milan would come up with the idea of ​​justifying their own visit with the separation of work and author. The masturbation story published to his fans, the artist Louis C.K. And always the people behind it are the same, as if they were almost obvious. Masturbation and pity are, if you wish, the foundation of his work.

He also asked his old friend and colleague Sarah Silversmith whether he was allowed to burrow in front of her. Perhaps she wanted to see it, she told me last time. Other times she said, "Fucking no! Disgusting!" Then Louis and she had eaten eating pizza together instead. Masturbating in front of others, which has always been his thing. It was only problematic when he became famous. Louis C.K. He said this himself: He knew for some that if somebody wanted to see someone's end, there was no question of having power over that. As Sarah Zilbermann said, she hopes he will speak on the stage when he returns.

"Would you see me masturbating, you would say: Wow!"Louis C.K. In his new program

Of course, Louis C.K. That in Milan. "If you ask someone if you can fool yourself in front of you, and she says yes, ask again: are you sure?" He advises: "And even if she says yes again, don't do it!" You must not be a despair to hear that he is accusing the women of the mess in which he is now, these poor sausages. The audience laughs, unaware. Their judgment is clear as long as they find the process strange. Love and power will be Louis C.K. Will not be missing in the future.

Everyone has their own thing, Louis C.K. But just about him he knew the whole world. "When I lift the plane, somebody is sitting there shouting, & # 39; that's the guy! & # 39;" Louis C.K. Passengers, like the Louis C.K. Imitates, with a masturbation gesture that once belonged to the offensive, but just innocent repertoire. "I just don't like to bring myself on my own. I'm good at it. I want to show it to people who can juggle well. Would you see me, say, Wow!"

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