Update will bring integration of Syriac shortcuts

Google Assistant

Even if Apple users have been shouting a voice assistant with the Voice of Sirius, under some circumstances it may be useful to use alternatives such as the Google Assistant (App Store Link). The developers of Google have now donated the free and about 210MB iOS app another update that includes a very special novelty.

From now on, there is a Quasi-full language assistant utility in the Google Assistant App: The new version should be able to access the Google Assistant by setting Syrian shortcuts – without having to open the Google app, after installing the update, Google Assistant Users will be presented with a button to set up a voice crew following the mandatory "Hay Syri". As long as the iOS device is unlocked, Google Assistant can be called by combining the two voice commands.

Also useful for controlling smart home devices

The Syrian shortcut feature also supports other phrases that users often use with Google Assistant. For example, personal voice calls for Google actions, such as controlling smart home devices, can be set up with Siri. I have not yet used the Syriac shortcuts in Google Assistant – but the update in Germany is likely to appear shortly in the App Store. The team can test their Syrian shortcuts in the US. It. Version.

How to stand up for the overarching solution of language assistants, in which, according to the requirements of "Hey Siri" then "Good Google" says to access Google's Language Assistant, is an open question. For some time, the option of accessing Amazon's Alexa by Microsoft's Cortana Assistant on a cross-platform base is available with the voice crew "Hey Cortana, openly Alexa". For me personally, this is also a lot of the language assistant.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant

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