Time dropper predicts an increase of € 20,000 by 2023 for Bitcoin


Bitcoin (BTC) will reach a global market share of 5% by 2023, interviewed VC investor Tim Draper's Fox business on May 10.

The Salt Conference's sidelines in Las Vegas, dropper, became a loyal lawyer for Bitcoin, saying that the largest cryptocurricans will continue to receive a dramatic price cut.

"It will continue because I am convinced that Bitcoin will have a market share of about 5% of the global market in four years," said the network. Dropper added:

"It is a better currency, there is discord, it's open – it's transparent, everyone knows what's happening on the black man."

In addition, like Cointelegraph announces, Bitcoin's uptrend in 2019 continues this week, with BTC / USD surpassing the € 5,000 mark, reaching its highest level since November 2018.

Dropper appeared in its now-known bitcoin bond and sock. He added that he had taken up a full-bitcoin deal, where the transactions were selected using the CryptoCurury.

"At some point, I would have a fund where I can accept and buy anyone with bitcoin, they should be able to pave their employees and suppliers in bitcoin and I want to pay my investors with them," Dropper continued.

"I wouldn't need an accounting department, a legal department, any supervision – everything would have done."

Dropper, which is also an important advocate of smart contracts and an investor in decentralized TEZOS platform (CSTZ), has forecast a bit of optimism in November. He claimed that a single coin would have a value of around € 220,000 by 2023.

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