"Teslaquila" Elon Musk warns Mexican producers


The ambitions of Elon Muska as a tequila producer are facing criticism in Mexico. Tequila manufacturers in this country consider that the "Tequilas" brand has been infringed on Muscovy Teslaquil, which was announced by Musk in October.

The eccentric chief of Tesla's electric car maker, known for air-based plans such as space tourism and swift tunnels, now wants to shake the industry in billions of dollars into agaves containing alcohol. However, the CRT Regulatory Council called Tequila on the scene. It monitors that producers comply with the protected designation of origin with production in Mexico, for example in Guanajuato, Jalisco, Michoacan, Nayarit or Tamaulipas.

Teslaquila, presented by Musk via Twitter, needs to get one hundred percent from the agave factory, because it is on a red and white label with the Tesla logo. The US Patent Office filed an application for Teslaquila as a distilled fashionable agave liqueur. Similar requests were made in Mexico, the European Union and Jamaica.

CRT said that Teslaquila should, if it was to be a tequila, have to join Tesla with an authorized Mexican manufacturer to meet standards and get approval from the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property. "Otherwise, I would have obtained the origin of Tequilo without authorization." The beverage would have been replaced by tequila. Tesla has not responded to criticism so far.

A Mexican drink has already brought a lot of money to other celebrities because it's a popular beverage at the bar. For example, George Clooney, for example, sold his Casamigos brand last year to Diageo for about $ 1 billion. Bacardi gave over $ 5 billion at the beginning of the year for the Patron Spirits brand on the table.

Initially only in April

Teslaquila was originally part of an April male who also claimed that his company was "completely bankrupt". Then the share of Tesla fell.

In early August, Musk then sent a Twitter message to Vortex, and then predicted the withdrawal of an electric car builder from the stock market and funding was "insured" for it. The US Securities and Exchange Commission sued a man for misleading investors who abandoned the post of president of the board and paid, as well as the company with a fine of $ 20 million.

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