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Television has the biggest influence on the formation of opinions in Switzerland – in front of the radio, the media and online media. This is the conclusion of an inquiry commissioned by the federal government.

The Federal Communications Office (Bakom) presented the first "Media Monitor Switzerland" on Tuesday. In spite of numerous studies, despite a number of studies, he was missing out on a full overview, Bakom Vice President Bernard Maissen said before the media.

The media monitor created by the Publicom Research Office should change this: the findings are aggregated and visualized on the site. The monitor provides information on the impact of different media and media brands on the formation of opinions in Switzerland and in linguistic regions. Proprietary and corporate connections are also presented.

SRG and Tamedia at the top

After the study, the most influential media company SRG SSR, followed by Tamedia. The most influential media outlets are the free daily newspapers Tamedia "20 Minutes / 20 Minutes / 20 Minutes", in front of the SRG SSR television and radio programs. Regarding the power of the opinion, "20 minutes" is a pure number one throughout the country, writes researchers.

In order to determine the power of the opinion, media users rated branded services as information media in a representative survey. This qualitative assessment was combined with the results of volume studies. The power of the opinion is a potential for the development of the effect of formulating opinions, explained Stefan Thommen of Public.

Old for TV, boy for "20 minutes"

The media monitor shows differences between different age groups. Television has the greatest influence on the formation of opinions. In less than 30 years, television is only 19 percent for radio, print and online. This group mostly attracts a "20 minute" opinion. By far the young media consumers are followed by Radio SRF 3 and Blick.

In contrast, SRG SSR television and radio programs dominate the oldest public. In the group of 45- to 59-year-olds, television has a 33% share of power, and in the 60's it is even 41%. Online offers reached 17 percent in all age groups and 24 percent between less than 30 years.

"Look" is more important for men

There are also differences between language regions. It is true that television has more power in all languages, such as the press. In German-speaking Switzerland, the press is stronger than in the Latin-speaking regions. Online offers are the last in all three parts of the country.

In German-speaking Switzerland, the media leader of SRF 1 is the head of the opinion, just before "20 Minute" and Radio SRF 1. The only paid magazines in the ten largest media brands are "Blick" and "Tages-Anzeiger". The "look" is in the position of women in terms of the opinion, and in women only at the position of ten.

Opinion is not compromised

Publicom notes that the Swiss media system in 2017 provided a balanced formulation of the views of the population. The research shows a diverse media landscape, which largely fulfills its social role – despite the difficult market conditions and potentially harmful concentration trends, the research office writes.

The brands of individual media or corporations can not form a dominant opinion. Of course, in many rooms with the SRG and Tamedija, a "duopoly" was created. However, it can not be presumed that in the near future one single provider could become dominant in one of the markets.

However, alertness is ensured in the light of the current trend to aggregate content, Thommen said. The result is also stressed by the importance of the requirement for a balanced reporting concession. However, the "mass limitation" of the television audience represents today's broadcasting-based funding system with major challenges to ensure a balanced opinion-making in the future.

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