Switzerland is testing against Qatar

National coach Vladimir Petković (center) is preparing his team to play against Qatar


Switzerland has a night in Lugan against the next hosts of the World Cup Qatar. It concerns the doctrine of UEFA, the demand of the Orient and the organizational-logistic lucrative anti-subsidy.

On Tuesday, people in Ticino were surprised. In the Swiss sun room … the sun shone. For the first time since October 26th and after almost three weeks of constant rain. The Swiss Federation therefore has the hope of running against Qatar at Stadio Cornaredu in Lugano, but could play on the stage on the stage.

The city was not looking good after the last championship in Lugano last Saturday. The national teams of Switzerland and Qatar have only recently been trained in secondary seats. "The in-depth work with the team is not possible," said Swiss coach Vladimir Petkovic.

The game against hosts of the World Cup in 2022 seems quite strange not only because of these meteorological conditions. She wondered why Switzerland four days before the group match in the League of Nations included in third Belgium. Especially against a little unpleasant opponent, such as number 96 in the FIFA classification.

UEFA notes

Answer 1: UEFA obliges all associations to carry out all six international matches in autumn. Switzerland played four times in the League of Nations and twice had to arrange friendly matches. Answer 2: Due to the League of Nations, the choice of opponents from Europe is very limited. "We are pleased with the requests of Qatar, who wanted to play against us," SFV Chief of Staff Marco von Ah said.

The UEFA regulation was not only in Switzerland for the strange constellation of the test match. For example, Germany competed in the international competition against Peru in September and Italy will test against the US in Genk in Belgium on Tuesday. These are games that no one needs.

After all, Switzerland negotiated a compensatory arrangement with the Katari Association, which could bring some benefits in a few years. Before the World Cup 2022, a game can be played in Qatar. This is ideal if Switzerland qualifies for this last round; then she was able to get acquainted with the very special climatic and organizational conditions in the bay as part of the training week, which included a test match.

Qatar without legionaries

For now, the Swiss team is acquainted with the national team of the next hosted World Cup. Petković speaks of "a team with a future that has interacted for a long time and is constantly improving". The selection of Spanish coach Felix Sanchez plays a bit of consistency over time. In 2018 there were victories against Iraq, Ecuador and China. In the years before Qatar even won against South Korea and Russia. However, he also defeated Liechtenstein or Curacao among others.

Qatar is striving to build a strong team in 2022. Contrary to other assurances, the process is at best in the best case. After the world championship eight years ago, from the committee's announcement, until the final of 2022, Qatar played in the Premier League and in the Spanish league. On the contrary, European talents would go to professional clubs in Qatar.

At least in autumn 2018 the reality is different. The team that traveled to Switzerland does not include one legionary. In the expanded team, Qatar is a player from a foreign club. It is dealt with by Vissel Kobe in Japan. And young European talent at the Championship in Qatar? Currently Westerners in Qatar Stars League are Wesley Sneijder, Nigel de Jong, Gabi or Xavi. Between 33 and 38 years of age.

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