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So touching, he's talking about Luke Perry


Leonardo DiCaprio, 44, spoke in a special emotional way about Luke Perry († 52). Both met shortly before his death during the filming.

Leonardo DiCaprio raves about Luke Perry

Luke Perry's death not only caught his fans cold. Also, many Hollywood colleagues were there Shocked The series star had to die just 52 years. Leonardo DiCaprio is also deeply affected. The star, "Titanic," now speaks of his deceased memories. Both of them met while filming the Tarantino Film Once upon a Time in Hollywood

(Luke was, Do it, D, Red.) The sweetest, cutest person you could meet. I grew up with him in & # 39; 90210 & # 39; And looked up to him, the coolest guy in the world. When I was on the set, I was impressed by it. We have to sit down and talk, he could not have been an amazing person. This is a tragic loss

Leo said, "Extra."

Soon after the death of Luke Perry in March, the 44-year-old stationed moving lines on Twitter. At this time, the Oscar winner wrote:

Luke Perry was a good-hearted and incredibly talented artist. It was an honor to work with him. My thoughts and prayers are for him and his loved ones.

"A hero in life and eternal and eternal"

In "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", Luke Perry makes his last great appearance. His role Scott Lancer Plays in one of the shows where Rick Dalton aka Leonardo DiCaprio is the star.

His performance is great and we'll remember it when we release the movie and his family will celebrate his performance with us.

Producer Shannon Mcintosh told Entertainment Weekly.

Also for his family, the movie has a great importance. His son Jack now honors Luke Perry by climbing the Billboard on the Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, which shows his father in his last role.

Great premiere today. He deserves it and I am very proud of him. A hero in life and eternal and eternal. The best of the best. I love you forever

Wrestler wrote to the emotional clip.

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