Lüchingen SG: construction workers run by semi-trailers


On a construction site in Lüchingen, it was a tragic accident on Thursday. A construction worker was hit by a semi-trailer and seriously injured.

In Lühingen, it happened on Thursday evening in the sports complex Gesa on a tragic accident. According to the first findings, the truck driver (30) drives the tractor to the construction site.

The driver overlooked the craftsman (56) kneeling on a wooden pallet and carried out repair work. The secretary then overrun the worker's legs, which had rumbled over the palace. The 56-year-old was seriously injured, like the Canton police. Galen writes in a message.

Accident history is not fully understood

When the driver noticed what he had done, he rushed to help the injured person with another person. After the incident, the first medical care provided by a trained emergency physician and the ambulance he had planned for the hospital by air 3 to the hospital.

The accident has now been installed by the Cantonal police station. Galan. "It is still not entirely clear how the accident could have happened," Florian Schlieder, spokesman for the Cantonal police said. Galen, on request of glance. (Rad)

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