Like the resistance to spread of 5 g – in 5 acts


The stumbling block: Converted or rebuilt for 5 g antennas. Picture: KEYSTONE

Like the resistance to spread of 5 g – in 5 acts

New mobile technology 5g moves. While some are looking forward to surfing faster in the future, others have health concerns. On Friday evening, a demonstration will be held for the first time calling for a national moratorium.

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1 Act: The race begins

The 5G opponents are on the rise. Originally produced in Western Switzerland, the resistance has also reached German-speaking Switzerland. An overview in five acts:

Federal Government Starting Signal: At the beginning of the year, Switzerland's new mobile radio frequencies are off. Sviskom, Sunrise and Salt pay a total of CHF 380 million for this.

2nd act: Resistance is produced in French Spanish Switzerland

The telecom companies then go on the offensive: Sunrise advertises thus, as the first provider to bring 5G to Switzerland. Swisscom announces that it plans to cover 90 percent of Switzerland by the end of the year. And the salt wants to get involved in the summer.

While the telecom providers are building the 5G network, French speaking politicians are on the brakes. The Geneva Cantonal Parliament is the first to move a 5 g movement of moratorium: only when independent scientific studies show that 5g is not harmful to the human body should it be allowed.

This is followed by other French-speaking Cantons: The Jura provides the antenna construction for 5g on ice, the Vaudois government is now examining the issue. In Freiburg and Neuch√Ętel protests are joined.

Act 3: The resistance spills over into German-speaking Switzerland

A little later, the 5G skepticism also reaches politicians in German-speaking Switzerland. At St. Gallen, in Thurgau, demands a moratorium in the two Basel and the Canton Burn parliamentarians. In Aargau and Switzerland, politicians also submit critical advances to 5g. And in some churches, such as Lucerne Crisens, a moratorium is required.

These attacks are spread from various political sides: in the quantum of St. Galen, for example, Cantonese councils of the SP, Greens and SWP call for a 5 g antenna construction moratorium. And in Geneva, a KPP politician presented the successful movement of moratoriums.

Act 4: Moratorium loss the law

However, there is a problem with the contraceptive moratoria: they abandon federal law, as recently reported by newspaper newspaper. Cantons and communities can really protect themselves from individual antennas, such as if they were to dissolve the city. However, they should not put on a general freeze on antennas – this exceeds their competence.

Sunrise then threatens with arguments: "If we denied a building permit arbitrarily, we would consider it legally," said Sunday spokesman Rolf Ziebold on Friday news agency AVP.

Meanwhile, Swisscom CEO Urs Schaeppi is focusing on enlightenment. For the fears around 5 o'clock he understood, he said last week. But Switzerland has ten times more stringent limits than most European countries. And: Business and society rely on state-of-the-art and fixed networks. A threat of suing put Shaupi in the room.

5th act: This is how it goes

On Friday evening, a rally for national 5 g moratorium will take place in Bern for the first time. The organizers warn that 5g is "a threat to life". This is "clear from previous experience with 2G, 3G, 4G, VLAN" and also of students.

At federal level, a working group is currently working on a 5g report. This Minister of the Environment, Doris Leuthard, has been involved in the work of the last September. Its mission is to analyze needs and risk building 5g networks and making recommendations. This notice will be published in the summer.

So fast is the 5g net really

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