League Challenge: Servette is back in the Super League


Again, thanks to a 3-1 victory over Losanan – despite the hustle and bustle of the herd of the genre.

Servette is very noticeable again! Thanks to the 3-1 over Archavally Laosanne, the Geneva returned to the elite.

Only they can't count, in Geneva. It only replaced one of three minutes at the herd of Geneva when all the dams break. The fans are flooding the terrain, the corner flags are collected, and the players are snapped. But it's too early! Referee San has not finished yet. It doesn't stay three minutes.

The stadium speaker gives everything to pass fans all over the field. "Please, please leave this field. Otherwise the climb is not perfect. Otherwise, the game cannot be scored." His voice rolled over. He's about to collapse … but he can do it. The hero of the evening!

The field is soon free again. The corner flags are planted. San then lets play for a few seconds – and whistles. Then it's official. Subsequently, the Second Place Rage is the right one. And he is the end of an endless Geneva night party!

Of course. The recent climb in 2011 has also been pleasantly enjoyed. But it lacks the ultimate devotion to a team that has been in trouble at the time. With Majid Pishiar, the club faces an Iranian later exposed as a prostitute, who is prone to Megalomomania. Christopher Rotis was one of the youngest boys of the year 2019: "I'm overjoyed. The club deserves to be back there again!

Also, because this servette is Geneva. Financial capital. Second largest Swiss city. Everything self-financed. Everything homemade. Also coach: Alone Tiger, Servette Legend.

Directed by Once More Excellent Miroslav Stevanovic Servette Wrestles Laosanne. Despite the lulls. The Serbe even booked 1: 0 in half a time. Goalie freak places an egg in its own network. 1: 1. Then everything seems possible. Until Alexandre Alfonde 2:01 am. Assist, of course: Stevanovik. The 18-year-old self-grown man makes the cover on it. Somehow symptomatic of the new, positive servette. A Geneva Servette. The league is pleased with servette.

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