Jungle Camp Day 8: Everything you need to know


Gisele's motivation, demented emotionally – and the star of the greatest hair is out!

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We write Day 8 in the jungle camp. More precisely, the day of truth.

  • True Part 1: Also in the Camp (Watson Does It Since Day 1) They speak today about what has not been noticed so far: Domenico's mysterious-imposing hair …
  • And True Part 2: These cards are revealed! The first "fame" had to leave the camp.

But we start again with our daily dose of Gisele.

The jungle exam

Today, La Gisela cracked the eternal record. She has done most of the jungle exams each and all the time to come. So she went to at least most. The school report said she was "always trying". Being. No, that's not true.

But today, so much in advance, EVERYTHING was different! In "Castle With Jolly", Gisele was sequentially locked in five XXL boulders and the stars should be retrieved from the boxes by numerical codes. With him: tens of thousands (says at least RTL) Jungle Crab.

RTL has no spare (presumably low) cost to shoot itself Gisele's possibly existing adrenaline levels – and hence the broad-bred tour operator Thoren legacy has been hired. As a reminder: Ex-footballer, already in the jungle camp, there is called CasaAlaaaa!

Can a body language differ more?

# & # 39; Picture: tv now / stefan menne

We don't know what kind of neural effects triggered in Gisele, but somehow the roar seems to have helped. The Mimosa model is only minimal – and can be splashed …

Picture: tv now / stefan menne

Cockroaches and molds, cricket and stinging green ants, melons and feathers. Gizelle, jump and trigger, takes all that out of God and gets seven stars. Where!

Hall or hysterically happy, nothing knows about Gisele. And so it comes to the jungle test for the lasting stars.

Picture: tv now / stefan menne

The jungle confession of the day:

Then talk about her lost love, love Toby, and what's wrong with her life. In Campfire, turning to Lowfire, she admits she finds "only assholes types" and instead breaks with Tobi, who is "always nice to me and loved me."

Picture: tv now / stefan menne

These are emotional jungle moments (only Leila says almost nothing again). Doreen confesses in front of the camera that she still loves her ex-boyfriend. And she built a shit. Uff.

Toby in Toby, who is this expensive Toby now? We've got some difficult control (gogged once, so you don't have to do it.) It's the man.

Tobias Guttenberg, model builder and father of Doreen's son.

Since summer shift in the shaft.


  • It's hard to say that, but yes: Gisele is a brave jungle exam.
  • Dorin: Served with her self-critical overview of her life.
  • Sibylle Consistently rinsing off their stuff like Currywurst Chris sprinkled his feet. That's the stringency that a Z-Celeb has to bring in his life. Keep Going, Swallows, On and On! Jungle Work!
  • Domenico's Hair SecretFinally, the camp talks about it. Are the risks of hair really real? The rumors are bubbling in the jungle … Evelyn babbles. "Everything is gone. Even the hair is history." In the end, she even wants the comment, and something.

Service note: You can find our traditional Domenico hairstyle joke as always below. Plus More Domenico News …

Picture: tv now


  • Gisele's father"Little-Gisela recalls," I fed so many mice that my father forced me to keep them in nature. "
  • Bastian Yotta. His comments after Gisele's successful legacy exam show he is really coaching. Oh. We're sorry.
  • Tommy Piper. He is just as … disgusting. Only for his "finest" thing about the dorsal body he heard in the cockroach coffin. And shut up too.
  • Leila Every time a child flew three times in school. We ask ourselves: How did you get bored since then?

Which no one noticed:

You can see it to ensure that!
We represent: DoMosico BurDaisy.

Look carefully! From the edge of the hair to the sheet, it is virtually indistinguishable. Even Evelyn's nose looks a bit like Daisy's (Rip!). Picture: Watson

The camp must:

Domenico! The audience was first. And so: Whahaat? Definitely a surprise. Thinner Domenico took care of the camp. And above all: He supplied us daily with material for new hairstyle jokes. We are shocked. And ask us: how is it now?

What we would like to know:

  • Are Domenico hair real or not? Now he can say it …
  • Why did Peter Orloff suddenly stop crying? Sorry, we didn't get it.
  • Did Evelyn really get smarter if you give her more food? ("If I had more nutritional values ​​in me, I would have known everything, because you eat nothing, you get stupid here")
  • Will you and you get together again? We wish you! And the gray-haired Chuyvi Tommy Piper should stay away please. Thanks ööö!
  • Are Gisela and You Legacy Come Together?

Here, because it's so nice, again:

Picture: tv now / stefan menne

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