Jacques Tardi retrospective at the Cartoonmuseum Basel


His figures, with rounded contours and sharp moves, exudate a personality, even though there is not all humanity in their surroundings: Jacques Tardy's military comic has gone around the world. The Basel Cartoon Museum is now dedicated to his retrospective.

Tardi, born in 1946 in Valencia in the south of France, was widely distributed in the 1970s with the comic book "Adele's Unusual Adventures". Their protagonist moves to Belle Époque and sometimes confronts flying dinosaurs and squid in the bathtub.

The basic theme of the Tardi is the ruthlessness of the war, the suffering of those who were severely and degraded into cannon fodder sacrificed without meaning and undeniable. Among other experiences of his grandfather in the First World War he dealt with his father in the second. He carefully explores locations on the site.

These semi-documentary key activities have touched the audience all over the world. With this, he contributed his indispensable black and white style with rich contrast and hard shade. Often rounded faces are in contrast to the real background. According to the museum, Tardi influenced the entire generation of caricaturists.

Today Tardi looks back at more than 50 books in which he reveals political and social issues from the left perspective. He has also published caustic drawings in satirical magazines and magazines. Among other things, he adapted Léo Malet's detective Nestor Burma to the comic strip and launched the Paris Commune in 1871.

For his work, Tardi received several awards. However, the inclusion in the French Legion of Honor strongly rejected war enemies.

The museum collection is documented by Tardis Weg from Saturday to the end of March with over 200 original drawings and large-format posters. During the exhibition, the artist, together with his wife and choir of military songs from the First World War, will perform in the graphic-musical life, as he was, in the comic book in the fourth dimension.

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