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Christmas season is the children's theater season. In Surig, the opera "Orfeo ed euridis" was replaced by "Haßsel and Gretel", the theater basel was replaced by "Hamlet" "Master of the Thieves" and the "Schauspielhaus" by Michael Red was performed at the Zurich Schusterhaus Instead of Volenstein. As soon as the temperatures fall, children's proportions spring like mushrooms. "Once upon a time, the so-called Christmas fairy tale in Germany has risen for incredible reasons," explains Petra Fisher, director of the young Schauspielhaus Zurich: "The theater was low in 1869, they wanted to boost the number of And a family usually consists of some people.

Which emerged from empire had a long tradition. Whether it was a greeting or a small one, everyone was able to open their eyes to the premiere of Hensel and Gretel at the Zürich Opera House: Helen is wearing a hood, Gretel is in a grunge look, her mother goes shopping and Alcohol flag presides his father. No, life is really not honey licking – but that would be literally announced at the "Hansel and Gretel" with the notorious honey cake house on which the children crisp.

Grom in the urban jungle

But this year's Christmas piece takes place in the ferry forest in urban jungle – with graffiti on the wall and garbage on the ground as far as the eye can see. Blame is the Canadian director of Robert Carson, the Angelbert Humperinx Fairy Tale Opera missed a fact check. And even if with him the noostalgy quarters drops almost zero: the man is right. After all, the story of two starving children who tie brooms and stuff their socks would not be credible today.

It is important in the theater that people choose "with things they know," says Youth Theater Expert Petra Fisher. "But you should be able to look at this, which can not be cast into everyday life."

And as far as the other view is concerned, Karagan's production actually creates the quarking of the circle: it gives the Old Grimm Fairy Tale Street credibility, without denying it. For its production, Helen and Gretel get into a kind of intoxication, fed by their desire for consumption, their charming fantasy – and snippets of American horror comedies from "The Grinch" to "Chucky." No wonder breakdowns there, because the Guardian Angel, the Sandman (Hamida Cristoffers) makes a suicide and the witch becomes a horror of Santa with blood-smeared chameleal as a magic wand.

Difficult plot, sweet music

By itself, this perspective may be too bleak. But it is also Humpernick music, with his almost Antimeli Yufoni, his nursery rhymes ("Eia Popiaia, which rustles in the straw" or "brother, come dance with me") and also echoes from Mahler or Primadronarien (a Bravo to Olga Kulchynska as Gretel!) Creates a connection to the fairytale world. Under the direction of conductor Markus Poschner, the Philharmonia Zürich plays with great breath and pleasure from the effect – like Marina Prudenskaya as a witch or a horror of Santa, demonstrating in the best way that angry rolls are often the most fun.

On the other hand, Hansel (Anna Stéphany) and Gretel (Olga Kurchinska) are more serious. Thanks to her different Timbres, she is bright Soprano, "He": Voluminous Mezzo-Soprano, both Charisma – She: Chiyakally-enthusiastic, he: with prepessantant claim to coolness, and above all with the singing radiance of the Ukrainian Olga Kulchinskaya, The two enter authentic pairing pair. And if the communication between singers and orchestra sometimes does not go quite as well as in other productions, hay, for hensel and gretel it is not all day long.

Finally, the two have just put the horror of santa in the oven and are free. Even as a spectacle, you leave the Opera House with a sense of elation: the kids with new breakthrough movements, the adults with new ideas for the old fairy tale – and big and small similarly caressed by Huminterdock's Tunes.

"A scene should never reflect from one to the other, we already know," says Petra Fisherman of the Young Schulpelhaus Zürich. "You should get out of the theater a little differently than you went in there with a thought you never thought before or with a feeling that you never experienced." There is a lot of opportunity for such an experience of Christmas .

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