Great danger of avalanche – more than 1 meter of snow since Friday – News


  • The large amount of fresh snow in the south has led to a high risk of avalanches in the Ticino Mountains and South Grisons.
  • Road and rail traffic is impaired in many places, individual places are cut off.

Even today, Sunday, snowfalls pose problems for rail and road traffic. In the lowlands there was snow in some places on St. Nicholas Day, but sometimes it turned to rain.

In large parts of Ticino, in entire Graubunden, but also in parts of central and eastern Switzerland, it must be expected further, sometimes heavy, snowfall until early Monday morning. After 10 to 40 cm of fresh snow is added. Monday afternoon should be the biggest snowfall.

Due to the danger of avalanches, the rhetorical trains closed the Bernina line between Pantresina and Fasciova on Saturday evening. Since the road is also closed, no bus can be replaced.

Forecast between Hospital and Realp is also closed because the avalanches are expected to decline in the affected area. Therefore, the Furka car transport service between Oberwald and Realp was also disappointed.

Due to the danger of volcanic eruptions, the Sustainable Road between water and snow had to be closed. The Matterhorn Gotthard train on Sunday morning reported a line break between Undermatt and Sedrun on Twitter. At 10 o’clock the problem was solved. In Airolo, at the Gotthard south gate, there is already 105 cm of snow.

Rail traffic between Erstfeld and Bellinson is also affected on the railway line between Gotchen and Erstfeld. The heavy snowfall leads to delays, said the SBB traffic service.

Great risk of avalanches

For this Sunday, the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF) predicts the second highest danger level of northern Ticino, the Calanca Valley and Misox, from hills to the Bernina Pass and into the Poschiavo and in large parts of the Engadine.

Otherwise, there would be a substantial avalanche danger (level 3) or moderate avalanche danger (level 2). The large amount of fresh snow and the wide accumulations of snowdrifts formed the main danger in the areas with danger level 4.

According to SLF, one can expect many means to large spontaneous avalanches. On steep, shady slopes, there may be expected individual, very large avalanches above 2400 meters. Exposed traffic routes are at risk. According to SLF, individual winter sports enthusiasts could easily trigger avalanches. These conditions are critical for ski tours, freeriding and snowshoeing off the slopes.

Accidents and blackouts

The large amount of fresh snow has already caused many impairments in the last two days, not just in the Alps. There have also been many traffic accidents in the lowlands, for example in the canton of Bern on Saturday night.

And because of heavy snowfall, the power has not failed in parts of Grubüdn since Friday. Hundreds were affected.

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