Google brings 53 gender-neutral emotions


Google provides first insights into its Emoji update for Android; Including athletes, construction workers and a vampire.

As already announced by Google (PCtip reported), the Internet company now brings various emoices with three generators. Google brings 53 gender-neutral emoji for Android. This is part of a beta version of pixel smartphones this week, Google Designer Jennifer Daniel told Quick Company. This year, they will come to all Android phones. Daniel is a member of the Unicode Consortium – the organization that makes basic emoji standards, including signatories like gender and other details that designers then follow to create their emotions.

Among the Google emoists are people of professions such as construction workers or judges, people in sports activities but also vampires and zombies.

Another positive effect of gender-neutral emocous is that there is less confusion in individual cases. For example, if you send emoji for face plumbing from an iPhone to an Android device, Emojipedia turns it from an illustrated person (iOS) to a woman (android).

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