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The SQL Tigers are the surprise team in the Swiss Ice Hockey National League. The Langnauer are constantly collecting points for the PlayStation qualifiers. In the thick of it: The Vicar Raphael.

"I rarely look at the table and I do not even put the p-word in my mouth," says Rafael Kuonen, striker of the SQL Tigers. The whisper is down to earth. He was matured. Increased in its personality. Turbulent was the past. By her, he became the player who strongly collects points in the Lounner Dress today. A quick review.

Maturing process experienced

The 2014 season in Nati B is over. Raphael Keenz raises the interest of HK Lugano thanks to 28 points in 45 games. The transfer to South Ticino is a misunderstanding. He moves quickly, moves to Fuborg. The breakthrough does not succeed even with the dragons. It runs the station in Rapperville, where he witnessed the Descent in Nature B. Later – in 2016 – Langnau brings back the lost son. By the fall of 2018 at the latest, it is clear: Kuonen and Langnau – that suits. A contract extension is now just a matter of form. What happened between 2014 and 2018? "Much," says Kuonen, who describes time as a maturing process. The striker has already scored nine points for this time. For comparison: in the past time, there are 12 points in 49 games. Kuonen is Langnau best Swiss poker collector. "The scorers show strengthening my self-confidence, but basically it's about the fact that we have success as a team, just what counts." The reason that it is now running well, he looks especially in the work of the coach. "Heinz Ehlers has a very great share in our good start to the time," he knows. Ehlers makes Kuonen stronger. He often uses it in overheating situations. A voice of confidence, which clearly strengthens the upper Valais. Lanzhou and Kuonen are in the fast lane – is it possible for the year with the PlayStation denial?

Elegant player sooner

In the highest Swiss ice hockey championship numerous teams are within a few points. The HOB Davos and Bottom of the Pack RAPERSHOL-JONA see the playback positions only with a telescope, but the remaining ten teams all have legitimate ambitions for a top-8 classification. Too long. After the trial, the tigers are one point behind the song Beel. "The euphoria in the village is currently great, and the people are free to join us," says Kuonen. Rarely, the SCL Tigers were able to make such a high hopes for playground participation in this case. Rarely earlier, the P-word in the phase of the championship in Emmental was an issue.

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November 22, 2018, 00:00

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