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3500-5000 people gathered in Biel on Saturday to protest the bypass west of the highway. Westast's opponents are defending themselves against traffic management and the impact on the city.

The "Biel Noisy" Citizens' Movement calls for the resignation of the two open highways in the city center. They only give more traffic to the city. More than 700 trees and about a hundred buildings are affected by the huge construction project. Due to construction work, access to the lake would be limited to 15 years.

"Biel is still loud" is disturbed by the fact that the project was created by the canton and federal authorities without involving the local population.
People can not vote on the project, so opponents from the "design mistake" of the 1950s have no choice but to re-present the Alliance.

Lots of noise on the west coast: Protestants are more than living with the "Biel loud" motto of Guisan and the central square. Video: Florine Schönmann

For about a year, about 3000 West German opponents took part in the streets. This time, according to police, about 3500, according to the organizers 4500-5000 people of all ages. It was the biggest rally in Biel for more than 20 years.

Alternative solution

Opponents of the West East rely on an alternative project that was developed by the "Westast" committee, so no! "The alternative project plans a two-lane tunnel between the station and the lake – without open toll roads in the middle of the city.

The official project is old-fashioned, and is committed to thinking of the twentieth century, which requires more traffic in even more ways. Today, this thinking has long overcome, the committee is convinced.

The Cantonese Government of Berne evaluated the two projects and rejected the alternative of West German opponents. The alternative project would not have the same amount of traffic-reducing effect on traffic, the Government Board noted.

Western-western opponents, however, do not really feel the government. "We have the feeling that authorities do not want to hear us," says Sabine Kronenberg, one of the three Bielers, who founded the "Biel loud" civil movement.

Second rally

The second rally after 2017 after the slogan "Biel loudly", the Alliance wants to keep the pressure from the authorities.

For years they have been demanding a highway, Biel is now built. The bypass branch of the east has been operating for about a year now. This has caused little resistance. The western branch, to which the houses have to pass, is quite different.

The east-west opening is planned to be no earlier than 2035, and costs can be estimated at roughly 2.2 billion francs. "One kilometer of highway Westast pays 800 million francs," predicts the opponents. This would be Weston probably the most expensive highway ever built in Switzerland, this is the conclusion.

In addition, the Committee has doubts as to the cost of the budget. "Additional costs are foreseen," he writes on his website.

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