Bernhard Pulver becomes chairman of the Insel Group


Bernhard Pulver succeeds Uwe E. Jocham, who remains chairman of the board until the next Annual General Meeting in June 2019. At the same time Bernhard Pulver assumes the presidency of Inselspital and Spital Netz Bern Immobilien AG.

From 2006 to the end of May 2018 Bernhard Pulver was the director of Bern School of Education. In this role he was responsible for the university with his medical faculty, a special relationship with the island. He was also a member of the Medical Task Force, and as a member of intercontinental conferences he was associated with a university medical activity, such as research and education. As part of his government activities, he regularly and intensively engaged in health policy, including the control island, the revision of the Health Insurance Act and the Hospital Act.

A wide network of personalities
After twelve years of government, Bernhard Pulver has extensive experience in politics, governance and leadership. Previously, the lawyer was a member of the Berne city council and the Grand Council, where he, as the president of the Commission, played a key role in the concept and legislation for the reorganization of pension funds. Bernhard Pulver was twice Prime Minister, President of the Swiss University and Vice-President of the Swiss University. After all, he was a member of various intercontinental conferences. Prior to his government activity, Bernhard Pulver was also a lecturer on constitutional law at the University of Neuch√Ętel. mt

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