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At the age of only five, he was a pianist in Bern in the Das Das Supertalent finale. Today, seven years later, Ricky Kam tries to try again while broadcasting German music. With success!

In 2011, the Swiss was already in the finals of Germany's biggest talent race. Then Ricky Kam finished third. This Saturday night introduced his talents to Dieter Bohlen, 64, Sylvie Meis, 40, and Bruce Darnell, 61, to "Das Supertalent". With success: a 12-year pianist is another round!

"It was a great experience, because it impressed the audience and I thought it was cool to get back to the stage," Ricky told SI on the web.

Video: young pianist Ricky Kam

In seven years, a lot has changed. At that time, Ching Ching was playing on stage. "I left the innocent monkeys at home, for which I am now too old," says the student and laughs.

Usually it's never nervous. But this time he was packed. "Dieter Bohlen said that I would like to play with the feeling, but I prepared Chopin's revolutionary ethos and you play it fast and hard. For this reason, I was a little nervous. "

Nevertheless, Ricky does not expect an end

Dieter Bohlen admitted Bernese on stage: "You have become a really great boy! For five years you've been so good. I'm glad you came back soon and I'm curious to see how you've developed." The expectations of the Chief Commander certainly did not disappoint piano talent.

Ricky I'm happy: "It was fantastic. I'm happy to convince the jury, but I'm not interested in winning."

The Swiss have prepared well for their appearance. After all, it is in a supported program of the Bern Conservatory. She played with flying colors Chopin "Revolutionary Etude" and Richard Claydermans "Mariage d" amour ".

As good as it went, the participation in the last Bernese does not count. "I was already in the finals before, then I would rob others who come for the first time." He just returned for a party. "Learn more about piano experience and entertainment."

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