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The disputes over the cantonal changes in Moutier have shown again: Canton Bern is often trying to find the right tone with the French-speaking minority. According to the Board of Governors, the control and use of the French language varies widely from one region of Bern to the other. In September 2017, he set up an expert commission to offer concrete recommendations to the canton on how to better exploit and promote bilingualism.

This commission, chaired by the Council of the States, Hans Stöckli (SP), yesterday presented the result of its good one-year work. In a report on 175 pages, a total of 46 recommendations were prepared. In addition to symbolic suggestions, such as the introduction of a distinction as a "bilingual learner of the year" or a cantonal bilingual day, there were also some drastic recommendations.

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For example, Cantonese workers who speak both languages ​​should in the future have a kind of "bilingual bonus", even if their function does not require it. Say: Even the bilingual Cantonese ranger from Haslittal should be better off for his bilingualism. When appointing new posts in the cantonal administration, more emphasis should be placed on the control of another official language. According to the Commission, French speakers today often meet higher demands than speakers of German.

The Commission also proposes compulsory exchange of languages ​​between school hours, the adoption of the Cantonal Law on bilingualism and the establishment of a fund for the financial support of projects that promote bilingualism. Whether the government council really follows all these recommendations is still unclear. She now wants to review the proposals and continue to communicate in the summer of 2019. (Journal Berner)

Created: 12.11.2018, 18:23 clock

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