A bed in the capsule: Hotel Novum opens in Lucerne


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New week Lucerne offers new accommodation: Switzerland's first capsule hotel offers 18 beds in state-of-the-art, nearly two and a half cubic meters of boxes. The idea comes from Japan and is interested in other Swiss cities.

The "Capsule Hotel", which claims that Switzerland is affordable for everyone, is located in Hirschengra in the city of Lucerne. The busy road leads directly to the highway. But because of the view from the fifth floor, there is hardly anyone here in bed.

As they are not in this hotel, they stay in capsules. 1.28 meters wide, 2.2 meters long, 1.47 meters tall, Chinese made, without windows. Plastic boxes are equipped with ventilation systems, Internet is available, as well as a secure USB port and some capsule TVs.

In about 65 square meters of space, two capsules each other. There are three separate showers and toilets. He tested his capsules and slept, says Fabian Hux, project manager at hotel.

"Jugi 2.0"

Snoring ensures that the 26-year-old does not hear the neighbors of his capsule. This is ensured by the insulation of rock wool between each cab. In addition, capsules are only rented by private individuals. Operators aim for tourists and digital nomads without constant work.

These and all those who love a bit more private life than the youth hostel but still do not want to miss the encounters, on one floor a kitchen and an additional available workbook available.

In just three months, the former engineering company was transformed into a capsule hotel. Night Costs are between 35 and 60 francs. This will allow the hotel to host the hostels. You see yourself as "Jugi 2.0", says Hux. The Bern and Basel stakeholders have already contacted them who are examining the offer of such a capsule.

No suffocation hazard

Hux does not provide information on the amount of the investment. At the beginning of Lucerum, 60% of the capsules are recorded on Monday and in the long run they account for 70% of the average use.

As the booking process is completely digital – for example, guests receive access codes to the house – the goal is to limit staff costs to cleaning. Security was not needed to meet specific conditions. All built-up materials are non-combustible. Anyway, no one can drown in the capsules. They are not airtight.

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