We never thought this day would come, but Kingdom Hearts where it is ready

2002 occurred Kingdom Hearts And 2005 occurred Kingdom Hearts II. Then happened: Re: Chain of Memories, Coded, 358/2 days, Birth by Sleep, Joined: coded, Dream distance distance, A collection, a collection of, yet another, collections of the collections and then a collection of additional collections.

As Rose said in Titanic: "It's 84 years …", but now reveal Tetsuya Nomura by Twitter That he and Square Enix have finally finished Kingdom Hearts III. January 29 is the date that applies.

Guess what? We wake up the development of Kingdom Hearts III! If you do not have to disable intruders, you'll need to prepare for 1.5, 2.5 and 2.8. See you next month!

This series, a funny mix of Final Fantasy And Disney, has a messy story, and although it sometimes fits my mind, the series is warm to me about the heart. A trailer on it? A trailer on it.

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