Three people were injured in an accident at E6 north of Varberg


It was on November 1, when an alarm was triggered for an E6 accident at the height of Trönninge north of Varberg. The passenger car collided with a truck from the rear in the north direction.

"Three were injured and taken to Varberg Hospital," said Andreas Karlsson, an internal resident officer at the Halland Rescue Service.

The three injured were all in a car and one of them was cut out of the car.

Traffic was diverted by accident

Some queues occurred after an accident when the road was closed and the traffic was redirected.

"For a while, it has stopped in traffic, and now it's driving," said Peter Nordengard in the West Police Department.

The police seized a vehicle for technical investigations and began to investigate serious negligence in traffic.

"Nobody at this moment is suspicious, it is an investigative measure," says Peter Nordengard.

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