"Think of it with young players"

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IFK Göteborgs bigperson Nils Wiberg appeared on the red carpet tonight before Fotbollsgalan.
He hopes that the young blue will be white next year.
"I believe in young players," TV4 said.

The excellent sponsor of IFK Göteborg Nils Wiberg, owned by Priority Finance, is sponsoring Blåvitt with millions of dollars, first appeared on a red carpet in front of the football galaxy in Globen. Then, this year, on Blavit's season, he was eleventh in Sweden.

"It could be better, but we believe in 2019. We believe in young talent. The last games had some young talents from the academy. I believe TV4 is.

Wiberg believes that these are young players who believe that this association can be next year.

– I believe this with young players, hungry actors. Maybe I do not think much about borrowing players who do not have a sense in the club. I know that our duel shooter (Benjamin Nygren) has the last feeling of the club. I still believe in the feeling of the club. I'm so old-fashioned.

Wiberg believes that Benjamin Nygren, the last two-shot shooter against Erebro at the end of the season, could be a good footballer in the future.

Star. Every time it's okay to trust him.

In addition, Wiberg said he was pleased that Poya Asbaghi ​​remained as a coach, while she thought it was good if the former sports director Mats Gren were to go.

"I think it's great. It's an ambitious and a good coach, but he needs time," says Asbaghi.

"I think it was right what happened right now. Mats has his own years. It was not that good, but I think it was right that he has become as he is now, proceeding to Gren.

Check out the full interview with Nils Wiberg in the top player.

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