"The toughest opponent will be a long bus ride"


It was a little crazy, but positive Conny Strömberg, who stepped out of ice through the Örnsköldsvik Hockey shirt on Wednesday.

This was a positive Conny Strömberg who, after a two-week rest, stepped out on the ice.

"It's always fun to be here. In the summer I've been here and practiced, so it's nothing new, it's the same ice hall, it's cold and going. Feel with your teammates, good guys as usual.

First game on the basketball Örnsköldsvik Hockey on Sunday will go to Boden.

– That's how you rejoice, the games are fun, training is no longer fun. Before the match, I have two passes. It seems, as usual, a little annoying. But he'll probably be a traveler on Sunday.

"The hardest opponent for me will be long bus trips, you have to put on a mental, because the rest is sitting there.

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