The new board will be able to tackle the huge deficit – Norrköping


"We will need wide-ranging solutions and agreements on major issues, such as the economy. Since we are in the minority, we want to see wider working practices across the party borders," said Kaisa Karro (S), the newly-elected president of the regional government.

The minority committee, consisting of social democrats, the party for the environment, the center and the liberals, does not have a majority in the regional council or regional government, and the support of any opposition party is necessary to achieve a policy.

On Wednesday, the new regional councils took place in the Östergötland Coalition for Coordination Meeting, where they presented four goals for the next term. Strengthening health centers, efforts to deal with mental health, more active climate and environmental work, and strive to create a more attractive working environment.

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State contributions are an important part of the region's economy. "Although we currently do not have any government, all parties agreed to increase state aid to municipalities and regions," says Kaisa Karro (S), the new president of the regional council.

Large retirement wages are waiting and the coalition wants to offer older doctors to stay as mentors for younger workers, thus bringing new skills to more skill.

"We must work within the framework of the economic framework, it does not mean that we will do anything else or get worse," said Alexander Höglund, a liberal regional council.

Agneta Niklasson (MP) is more cautious.

"There is no deterioration, of course, we can not guarantee, but we are striving to maintain good health care. We must not forget that Östergötland has a very good health care.

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"It's important to check whether we can supply other county councils and what we buy for the care of the economy," says Kerstin Sjöberg (C).

One of the initiatives is to reduce species into psychiatry by facilitating help in mental health. Health centers already have this task, but politicians want to be clear that they want to strengthen their care and give more nurses more education. One way to reach young patients is, for example, chat on the Internet.

– Psychological ill health is increasing among young people. In the life crisis, what kind of support is important, it may be that you visit a health center, but the contact is made with a chat, for example, says Kerstin Sjöberg.

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New regional councils to be led by Östergötland: Kerstin Sjöberg (C), Agneta Niklasson (deputy, Kaisa Karro (S) and Alexander Höglund (L).

For more people seeking help online, they think that politicians can be a way to reduce healthcare and increase accessibility.

"We know that health centers are struggling with big inequities on the phone and that there are experiments in Söder City Hall in Norrköping, where they have introduced a drop to make it easier for patients," says Kaisa Karro (S).

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