That's why gray women were the hardest hit ever


A few hours of sunshine is not the only thing that goes beyond our mood. Gray weather is also an important factor when it comes to well-being, "said Arne Lowden, a sleep and stress researcher at the Stressforskningsinstitutet, University of Stockholm.

"There is a very high difference in light and light. In order to maintain a good mood, you may need 30 minutes of daylight per day. But in such a gray weather, you probably need a longer period of daylight because the light does not have the same therapeutic effects.

This has various effects, inter alia, affecting the cortisol system, a system for activating body stress. This affects the regulation of the mood, which makes us foolish.

– It points to a bargain. This is not very controversial, but there was not much research, says Arne Lowden.

The most affected women

Studies of the Stress Research Institute show that there is a risk that women, especially young women, will be adversely affected by the lack of light and poor light.

– These groups stay at least outdoors. In a survey conducted in 2012 and 2014, a total of 15,000 people were asked for longer outdoor living per day in connection with working days and free days.

However, it is important to distinguish between symptoms and clinical depression, says Arne Lowden.

"Only a fraction of all individuals need clinical treatment of precipitation and winter depression. Most people manage every day, including depressive symptoms.

Take advantage of the sun

Three good tips are to go out when you're free, go on a summer vacation and try light therapy, says Arne Lowden.

– Light therapy is accepted, so you can not rule out the effect of placebo. This may not be relevant to an individual, but it will make the research difficult.

But time does not have the greatest impact on our well-being, according to Arne Lowden.

"Light and exercise have a big impact, but the biggest factor is stress in everyday life," he says.

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