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Singing at Skansen – KRÖNIKA – Effie Karabuda


The song wants two things. To preserve the soul of the Swedish people and at the same time renew it. There is an impossible equation that creates a confused audience of scans.

SVT had a noble, but terribly great assignment. They will be a safe place for the Swedish people and at the same time reach a younger and elusive target group. Hence-I-oh-right-combed sven-ingwars and imenella.

It's a cool expression that I, like a 23-year-old, shouldn't throw away with her, but you can't have the cake and eat it. Make a choice! Let "sing on Skansen" be mosaic and sleepy, or start a complete renovation.

Blonde and healthy Arctic wind women who sing a capella with garlands in their hair, go hand in hand with these seals of Sven-ingvar. Likewise, an eternally long southern medieval range (which I work for narrowing !!).

But when the Imenella finds herself on stage and performs well-functioning and flawless choreography, she cannot get the treatment she deserves from the audience. It doesn't go home. The naughty old men and aunt Montes have zero relationship with "hip hop of the suburb". They'll see the Sanna Nielsen step dance in a checkered suit along Kim Sokolki.

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Sven-Ingvars on the stage with Sanna Nielsen

And just because I complain doesn't mean I want to put the scrub down. Because there is something about singing that I – not non-natal or folk seals – can still appreciate.

This is one of the few television moments that give Loja, Metaphor and sometimes quite awkward people a lot of space in the box. This is refreshing! Forget all that has to do with radiation and flirt with the camera. Anyone can get a microphone printed in the sweep – completely independent of the charm factor. In some ways it is the level of equality.

The most loyal scans fans are probably extinct in about ten years and they just want something familiar and easy to understand. No hoodies in the neon colors and funny hints like "shouting". I thought. But then something happens at the end of the program that destroys my entire thesis.

Smith & Thell performs with his pop song "Forgive me friend" and fill the gap between the generations. The children, the young people, the parents and the old men – all move! Maybe the song knows exactly what it is doing.

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