Region Gävleborg väljer plattor – Voister


– The Region of Gävleborg is working with a test for urbanization in the urban landscape. På sått sått hopper vi over tre steg som vi gör idag. The inn is located in the town of Gustav Dahlström, in the region of Gävleborg.

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Cathrin Dahlström
, enhetschef på region gävleborg

– I am working hard to find out, FM support, as well as job readers and vendor schemes. Please note that if you want to get started, you will be prompted to keep up to date. Genom to skicka townhouses directly to plattan can we come from our members. Have your life and your instabilitative status and upscale experience with the 30-45 minutes with your solutions.

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Vilka utmaningar återstår?

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