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– I have not studied the judgments in detail yet. But this is an important piece of the puzzle that fell into place. I also want to say that this is part of several decisions to be taken before an initiative can be taken, says Peter Abrahamsson, head of Preemraff in Lysekil, on Friday.

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The reason that Preemraff is doing this business is that every year they want to convert 2.5 million tons of heavy oil to diesel and gasoline. What to build is, among other things, the so-called hydrocracker Residue, which is needed to convert heavier fractions of fat oil into gasoline and sulfur-free diesel fuel.

Demand is reduced

"The demand for heavy oils is declining sharply," says Peter Abrahamsson.

The investment means that the production of the refinery will increase every year from 11.4 million tons to 13.4 million tons of crude oil.

From its inception, Preemraff aims to reduce emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides.

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Today, there is a debate on carbon dioxide emissions and climate change. This part is not included in the environmental status, but is regulated in the trade of rights.

The investment means that emissions will increase each year from 1.7 million tonnes to 3.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. This means that Preemraff will be a plant in Sweden that will release most of the carbon dioxide.

A global problem

Peter Abrahamsson points out that this is a global issue.

"What we want to do is to produce fuels that bring more benefits to the environment than they have in oil. It's true that carbon dioxide emissions will increase. This is because we have to use a lot of hydrogen in the process. But the condition also means , that the process has given us a sign of using different types of renewable raw materials, which is positive. In addition, we are working together to try to keep carbon dioxide under pressure to become liquid and then return below the earth's crust.

The judgment of the court for land and the environmental court means that the construction of a new hydroklisk is allowed.

She had remarks

In the past, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency commented on Preem's request to expand the refinery. He then objected to Preem AB's investigation into red French mice recorded on footage. In a judgment on Friday, it is stated that "the impact of the project on the conditions of maintaining a favorable conservation status of the French bar in its natural area can not be regarded as an illicit deterioration."

In addition to the exception from the ban from the Nature Conservation Regulation, which refers to the damage or destruction of passengers in the French bat, Preem also receives an exemption against the ban on digging the siphon at the site where the hydrocracker should lie.

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