Now it's a function to send Facebook Messengers messages in time for iOS


This was in connection with the Cambridge Analytica scandal in the spring, when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was found to have deleted messages he had previously sent via Messenger. Of course, it has become a heroic life, and Facebook has decided to withstand the demands of users to give everyone the same opportunities. Since then, Facebook has been working on the so-called unsend function, but now it seems that it seems to be running out. This explicitly says "in a short time" in the notes of the latest version of iOS (Messenger 191.0).

A quick jerk

Anyone who sends the message will be deleted after 10 minutes when it disappears. Therefore, Facebook Messenger differs radically in the environment, as compared to, for example, Whatsappom, which allows users to up to one hour to delete a message that is regrettable. Exactly when we can see a sharp version of the function, it is unclear, but it has been tested since October and should therefore be very close. Even the Android application is most likely to get a similar function, but how it works with it anyway.

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