New Repair program for Missing SSD Storage in Macbook Pro – make sure you're killed


Posted on Friday, in Swedish time, Apple has launched two repair programs, one for missing screens in iPhone X and one for storing ssd in the Macbook Pro with no Touch Bar.

Some machines have problems with the SSD, causing loss of data and machines that completely stop working. Now Apple begins the repair program in three years, writes Macrumors.

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Macbook Pro

The problem concerns a Macbook Pro with no Touch Bar with 128 GB or 256 GB of storage space and machines sold between June 2017 and June 2018. Users of these devices can enter their serial number on this connection (also select Sweden) and See if he'll probably get his machine. In this case, Apple recommends that you take your computer as soon as possible in the Apple Store or an authorized service partner in order not to lose data.

It updates the ssd software, which will fix the problem in a maximum of one hour. However, all data on the disc will be erased, so it is recommended that you take backups before your computer. For more information, visit the Apple website.

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