Lively about the hockey World Cup in SVT: It's not 1987 anymore


Well, then we are there again.

Live World Championship ice hockey in Swedish TV for the first time in 32 years.

As we expected.


In 1987, SVT ice hockey sent "live" last, in 1989, TV3 took over and Arne and "Ankan" were given a quarterly humiliation.

But now SVT is back, and with … some message.

The first decision made when it was clear in 2015 that the channel would show World Cup ice hockey was that fans would not have stolen on the studios.

Studio in Stockholm, studio in Bratislava, studio in Kosice, and then we are just one day at the World Cup.

How will it look forward to the latest?

Studio in the studio, in a studio in Stockholm, and a home-based studio with Mother-in-law Stefan Ketola?

Studio syndrome.

In the largest studio, the large studio anchor was eased, and Andor Pops has become the channel's own communist who can manage any service.

Last Summer Soccer World Cup Studio is weathered, sanctimonious, judge-jaunt, and a Daniel Nannskog have been replaced by Maria Rooth, Mickey Renberg and for the premiere, Mika Zybanad.

Particularly close to the World Cup, we won't be here, but it's probably not the meaning.

But can't we imagine that it would be so nice, good-natured and frantic from the first World Cup day?


I really do not understand

A World Championship will rarely be just a world championship in SVT, a haunt for anyone who launches for the World Cup, without taking into account anyone who has never been waiting for a World Cup and who always binds their own crashbread.

Therefore, this cafe program feeling with festive competitions that "meet the sweep" and the element "plucked and clear".

In fact, I do not understand why it must be so nice all the time.

In the first two World Cup days, and then I counted in the introduction magazine on Thursday, it was called to curse.

One question about "Sweden's chances at the World Cup" and a Mickey Renberg answer that he believes Sweden needs "a good goalkeeper and defense game to achieve the whole way" and I throw the beach through the wall, hard as Satan, on Street.

Now, there is no 1987.

More reflections, so.

Chris Härenstam may be a bit, a little better in telling where the players originally came from.


But I think it's good that he does so because it is both folk education and uniting and some of the plane maybe sharks, because we never hear any comedian say "fiddled in Malmö or" originally from Växjö Lakers ".

Oh fan!

In addition to the usual figures, SVT has Picap Roger RNnberg, SM Gold Coach in Fronunda and – obviously – a fin on ice hockey.

In the first year, he chose not to reveal anything he knew, but after Marie Lehmann, she had spent eight or eight times and finally said "William Williams!" Again he woke up a little.

The atmosphere died completely

When the TV sports director Åke Ivarsson clung together Lars-Gunnar Björklund and Rolle Stoltz for the World Cup broadcasts in 1969, he did so with the call that the duo would not turn to the ice hockey-interested party of the audience, but to everyone .

"Make it as easy as possible for viewers," said the board.

Then it was a success, but it was also 50 years ago.

Now, I actually think that should challenge their viewers – and even more – let those who know something about ice hockey talk ice hockey so that those who know something about ice hockey should fall asleep – or switch to Viplay.

Stefan Åsberg has heard and seen in some reports and he is usually sent off when he wants to create a slightly tougher journalism.

You know, ask a difficult problem, or two.

And only Stefan Åsberg can, with his meeting, receive a regular interview with Matias Ehholm to explain that he is in Dibarsakir province in south-east Turkey.

The Swedes attacked Czech Republic in the premiere of the World Cup, and instead of reviving, which was natural, the spirits died completely in SvT.

Imagine whether Tre Kronor goes out in the quarter, what does SVT do then?

Does the rest of the tournament sell to access TV?

"Pucked and clear" in the bargain!

OfMarcus Leifby

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