Kerstin had no home-made candy – the house was cut with eggs


Skaraborgs Läns Tidning wrote Kerstin Tingvall's unpleasant listening experience on Wednesday night. It tells the newspaper that young, Halloween-dressed children are ca. They knocked 20 times to ask for candy.

The tradition of "bus or candy" comes from the United States, for which many years of youth dressed up for fearful costumes to knock in the neighborhood and ask for sweets. If you do not have a candy to leave, you are exposed to a bus.

In recent years, the past began in Sweden but sometimes goes too far. When GT reaches Kerstin Tingvall, she tells her that she is exposed to pure vandalism for the second consecutive year because there was no candy at home.

"I'm still clean," he says on Friday morning.


It was Wednesday night that Kerstin kindly advised the children who came alone that there was no candy to leave. The kids disappeared, and Kerstin thought it was all over this year.

But an hour later, suddenly, a lot of buzz heard in front of the house. Kerstin discovered that someone had thrown the eggs on the facade, which was severely shredded. At least six eggs were thrown out, and the passer-by neighbor had detected the so-called "bus" at one time.

"I think it's irresponsible for the parents to leave them alone, and then I will not let the kids have fun, but that is not," says Kerstin Tingvall, who is in the 70's.

He also tells him that his relatives in the United States, who are also involved in traditions, do not recognize this vandalism. Now you have to clean up the shredded house and I hope the story will be able to give parents the sober reason to talk to their children.

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