Joakim Lundell: "Becoming Lunabelle's Godfather"


YouTube par Joakim in Jonna Lundell she became about a week ago the parents of her loving daughter Luna Belle. Small crust weighed 3,685 grams, it was 49 centimeters tall and arrived on October 28 at 10:31 in Norrköping. The family is happier than ever before and a few days ago, she went home to her villa outside Norrköping, where friends and dads waited.

Someone who was really happy to finally meet Lunabelle – there were dogs for couples Batman which constantly looks at the slight inclination.

Lunabelle and Dog Batman
Lunabelle weighed 3 685 grams and 49 centimeters long when it came out. She also immediately received her first Batman dog. Original title: Joakim Lundell Instagram

Joakim recently said under "The Truth" that Lunabelle would not be in contact with any of his parents, because there is currently no reason why,

"There will be so many other friendly people around us, we hang in an incredibly friendly and hot gang," he said.

Danjal Kanani and Joakim Lundell
Danjal Kanani is one of Jockey's and his closest friends Jonas, and they hang out together, work and live together. Source: Danjal Kanani Instagram

"John's mother will be good enough as an old man," he concluded.

But someone in the next round of the pair, who will also play an honorable role – that is Danjal Kanani. A few days ago, Joakim revealed that he was the one who became Lunabal's Godfather.

"This is GODFAR a truly new type of power, or what do you say? The problem is not a problem, my friend!" Danjal wrote on his Instagram. He is one of Lundell's greatest friends. Image source: Instagram

Joakim published a picture of Danjal and Lunabelle together with the text "World's Biggest Bot". Danjal also wrote his new task on his Instagram.

Congratulations, we say!

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