"If he thinks this way he won't be in Hammarby for long"


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Stockholm. Mohammed Tankovik did not miss a single Swedish match since he came to Hammarby.
Now he stands at 50 equal matches, of which 49 from the beginning.
– You think twice before leaving, says trainer Stefan Billborn.

Hammarby's offensive midfielder tambankankovic is currently dealing. He made four goals and two assistants in the league this season, and twice in the Cheese's 2-0 victory over Syria on Friday.

In fact, it's also the 24-year-old's 50 straight all Swedish match. Since joining Hammarby in the summer of 2017, he has not been without playing in a single match. He started with a jump-in attack on the OSCsund in the debut and then started in the 49 straight series of matches.

What do these numbers say? Bajen's coach Stefan Billborn gives his opinion:

– That he stays healthy and that he is a good player.

– He can play in many different positions and he stays fresh. There is a large part (in football). One thought twice before leaving it, even if one was to shoot players. He could not play 50 games on the rake until, but he will actually play a lot of matches. He is also in good shape now, and it is important to drive the wave, Billborn says.

On the question of how long until Tankovic remains in Hammarby, the coach answers:

– I don't decide. But he had a contract, so they (well-liked clubs) get to pay well.

Teammate Nikola Djurdjik was impressed by the suite of games Tankankik built.

– There is a nice mistoon for him. I hope he will continue the same way in the future. But if he continues to play this way, I'm not sure he'll be in Hammarby for so long, says Jururdjik.

Do you think it could be a move this summer?
– I hope he doesn't leave. Because we have high ambitions and I hope he will stay the least this year. But he is a player who can play at a higher level and he is definitely a player that Hammerby should be serious about if he goes on.

Tankovik has a contract with Hammerby which runs until summer 2020.

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