GPS-equipped docks will fly the spread of bird flu


Behind the project are researchers at Linnaeus University who receive SEK 350000 from the Swedish Research Council to carry out the study in Bangladesh.

– Their latest technology has given us new tools for connecting epidemiology and migratory bird ecology. It is incredibly fascinating to see a computer in Sweden as a duck in Bangladesh. And data from many docks gives us the opportunity to investigate how viruses are circulating around the world, "says Jonas Volstenström, one of the researchers behind the project.

Tried since 2005

The bird influenza virus H5N1 began to spread throughout the world in 2005. Since then, researchers have tried to find out how the spread of infection goes.

Jonas Voldenstrom and Marilyn Van Toor will work with researchers in Bangladesh to collect and analyze large amounts of data about how the virus's spread is transmitted. With the help of DAX equipped with GPS receivers that show, among other things, the position with great accuracy, the researchers can see how the birds move in real time.

At the clip you will find out how the project goes.

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