Felix Herngren on the new series The Second Court


Felix Herngren on a new series of comedies

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"Second Yoke" had not yet had a premiere. SVT has already ordered the second season.

On November 11, the series starts with a family moving to Norrbotten to run hotels. Tonträff between "Solsidan" and "Bonusfamilien".

"I'm so happy," says Sanna Sundqvist, who plays a key role. It seems to me that I look forward to deepening in one character and that the viewers get to know the characters even more.

She plays Madde, who, together with her husband Petter and her 13-year-old daughter, returns from Stockholm to Madde's home town Björkfjället. Mommy Ingegärd (Lena T Hansson) retired, and Madd will lead the hotel together with his brother.


Felix Herngren.

Felix Herngren is the CEO of Andre Sket.

"It's supposed to be a pure comedy, but it's taking off the drama," says Felix Herngren. When we started to talk about personalities and their family relationships, they became more serious parts. You can choose the song "just joking", but it's not that fun to work with. It's fun to give them more life.

"We are always doing the series," he says. Our opinion is that you need to engage your viewers more than a few years ago when there was only SVT and TV. Today there is so much variety that you need to give people more meat on your feet.

The rulers are veterans like Bert-Åke Varg but also newer faces such as Jakob Setterberg in Michael Lindgren from "Grotesca", Ida Engvoll, William Spetz in Mattias Fransson from "Klungan".

– We proposed these players early and I think that SVT is asking, "Where are all the big stars?", Says Felix Herngren. We really thought about them and it's funny that SVT has responded. It's good that they have now ordered a second season.
The series takes on numerous cultural clashes between Stockholm and people in rural areas.

"From the beginning, Maddee did not come from the resort, but we wanted to leave the" big towns that never exist in the country, "he says. Erik Hultkvist in the script group. We did not want to build two warehouses that never stood in a pair of skis without returning home. You can go deeper in relationships with her family.

The "Second Court" is given in eight episodes starting on November 11 in the classical SVT at 8 pm.

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