Director has been murdered – one has been arrested after 34 years


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Barrier Crane was a well-known name in Hollywood in the 1960s, 70s, known for his work on television series "Dallas", "Mission: Impossible" and "Hawaii Five-O". In July 1985, Cranes servant found him dead with a telephone cord wrapped around his neck, wrapped in a bow in the garage. The chief doctor later judged that he was killed with a large ceramic sculpture.

The 52-year-old suspected person could be tied to the crime after the Los Angeles police last year re-tested DNA of the crime scene.

The man was arrested by agents From the FBI and on Thursday, Los Angeles police officers from North Carolina went to question the 52-year-olds who should have recognized the murder of the director, police said.

On Friday, the prosecutor announced that the 52-year-old was charged with over 30-year-old murder.

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