Crushing Apple inflated Wall Street – News


The downturn was a response to Lumentum Holding, which offers Face Detection technology, announced much lower demand, and some of it understands the market as less demand for Apple's iPhones. The Apple course has failed in the past few weeks, also because the technology giant has decided to stop reporting on sales for its mobile phones, tablets and computers. Analysts negatively explain this when companies stop reporting important parameters, usually meaning that the results are accurate.

Other major fluctuations in the price fell to the price of the large Goldman Sachs bank at 7.7 percent, as the Malaysian finance minister announced that the state would like to compensate for the state-owned investment fund.

Tobacco companies are only weak because of information that mantol cigarettes will soon be banned in the United States. In addition, it is assumed that restrictions on the age of so-called e-cigarettes should be introduced. Philip Morris supported 1.2 percent.

In a series of lost shares, there was also a wealthy industrial right of General Electric. Newly-recognized CEO Larry Culp won the market to hack when he announced on CNBC's interview that he might be forced to sell the deals, and the stock fell by 6.5 percent.

The Dow Jones industrial index dropped 2.3 percent, the Nasdaq composite index fell 2.8 percent, and the S & P 500 2.0 percent.

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