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Krone Quenneville deserves better

Joel Quenneville is the coach who is kidding for the current coach.

Stan Bowman is in a desperate attempt to save his skin with Joel Quenneville. How else can you explain the decision to hit one of the best league coaches?

For several years now, it has been reported that Quenneville may have been in trouble with Blackhawks, but Chicago simply went to him. Even after the failure of the season, he had to leave.

Why now?

Just because Chicago might have been looking for a reason to hit it, but these consequences will have five natural losses? Blackhawks clearly started the season before the loss team pulled them out of the playoffs.

But Blackhawks may not be so realistic to see the 6-2-2 introductory season as the actual team level? Whatever turns around and turns to the situation, it's still if you end up in a conclusion.

Joel Quenneville was not completely satisfied with the buildings in Chicago, which were clearly shown for example when they met Niklas Hjalmarsson last year. Perhaps the poor relationship between Quenneville and management has increased since then?

Chicago and Bowman were looking for a reason to attack Quenneville, and if, like GM, they are trying to save their work, the coach will almost always move.

But Quenneville is certainly not responsible for the maturity of Chicago. Not Quenneville, who did the sad trade Artemi Panarin. Not Quenneville, who made even the worse shop Hjalmarsson. Not Quenneville, who signaled Brenta Seabrooke for the deepest league contract. He is not Quenneville, who had to give up Teuvo Teräväinen to get rid of Bryan Bickell.

But it's Quenneville, which has the second-highest victory (890) in the history of the NHL. Quenneville has the third largest win in the playoffs (118).

Of course, even the most successful coach can easily reach the end of the team. Sometimes you just roared from the last team. Sometimes it's only time to extend. There is no need to replace Quenneville – it is said that Jeremy Colliton is a very exciting name, but it's a time that makes one nosy wrinkle.

Quenneville deserves better.

Chicago's situation is difficult to analyze. On the one hand, Stan Bowman has done many years for Chicago to be strong. The body remained intact, while chargers were sent away from time to maintain team building under wages. This is a business that is wonderful.

On the other hand, Bowman failed with his last attempt. Perhaps this also led to a feeling of the press from above. Perhaps it even gave clear directives that it is the final playground, which is necessary to maintain the service.

This is also the only meaningful conclusion that you can use from this message.

Joel Quenneville is the coach, as the absolute majority of the league teams should beat the current coach, as Montreal did for Claude Julien. Apparently, there are obvious exceptions. Other top coaches – Mike Babcock, Peter Laviolette and Mike Sullivan – to say something – are convinced. Some fairly new employees probably do not have to worry too much.

But the Q coach on the market should give water in the mouths of various GMs.

Can a poor Louis object to the temptation to bring him back? Does Randy Carlyle replace Anaheim? Will Ron Hextall leave Dave Hakstol in Philadelphia? Does Detroit see an opportunity to upgrade with Jeff Blashville? How much does Todd McLellan travel to Edmonton? Tearing the dollar bags Terry Pegula over Quenneville? Will Dale Tallon reunite with him in Florida?

Joel Quenneville can not leave for days without a job.




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