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Fake nurses, but with real certificates and credentials. This is a reality in most national hospitals. It shows that the audit of the SVT mission took place.

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The survey shows that 27 people worked in lawful medical care in various ways, even though they did not have the necessary education. The approach varies on a case-by-case basis. Some say that they have studied abroad, while others are fake. Some of them are currently working in hospitals in the country. Other cases investigated by the police.

"Call only an ambulance"

Among other things, the program included a person employed at the University Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg. He then works as a nurse without finishing his education.

A man learned about his profession when he worked for several months as a nurse. He told him that he went to Romania to write his final exam. After the test, he obtained a degree. It first came to Romania and was then approved in Sweden.

But in two to three years he claims to have studied for a nurse, he actually worked as a truck driver while studying Swedish for immigrants. He believes that at the working interview he said that he did not have much experience.

– I've done pretty good so far, I did not do anything wrong. Also, not in an emergency mode, you call only an ambulance, says a man, to risk putting patients at risk because he does not have the required education.

State Committee for Health: We do not recognize anything

Zara Warglo is head of the department at the National Committee of Health. She does not think she heard about this bluff nurse. She also did not hear that they would do anything else while claiming to have been educated.

– Then this is something for this country, so we can grab it. And our role will be to let us know so that we can get a good dialogue. We all need to work together and find solutions to the problem within the EU, "said Zara Warglo.

At one of the relevant schools in Romania, they respond to criticism. Rector Cameron Camelia then believes that everything seems legitimate with student applications. Students working in Romania also had a full-time job during their alleged academic time.

– 600 students. I do not know everyone and I do not know where they are moving and what they are doing. But if they come to school, they have grades, they pass the exam, and then take the appropriate exam. This means that a person was present at school, says Camelia.

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