A trailer in Hisingen – she drove through the village of Göteborg Post

Within 8 hours, the police lighter tried to check the passenger car in Herkulesgatan on Hisingen. The car concerned was registered as stolen and the driver was not very pleased.

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– A police train detects a stolen car and attempts to stop it, but the driver does not remain on the police signal, says Jenny Widén, a spokesman for the police chief in the western region.

The car tries to drive away from the police and in connection with the monitoring, the driver rides a cycle path and through several villages towards Vårväderstorget.

"Given that she acted the way she did it, she's probably more than a police team involved," said Jenny Widén.

Car racing does not last very long. At 08.07 the car arrives at the construction site in Långströmsgatan.

– Two people who were there and were verified, says Jenny Widén.

Two, men and women were suspiciously arrested for using public procurement. The woman is also suspected of minor offenses for her drugs. The man behind the wheel is suspected of rumbling and gross negligence in traffic.

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