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The voices of the Gorenjska area for some vaccines are free


Three-year-old and 49-year-olds can be vaccinated without charge against tick-borne menstrual defect.

Kranj's Expanded Vaccination Program This year introduces the free vaccination against Tix-borne mening menstrual disease (KME) for two age groups: three-year-olds and 49-year-olds. Vaccine, financed by the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, was born in 2016 children and adults born in 1970. The vaccine is eligible for vaccination and vaccination has been carried out by selected personal doctors and pediatricians, reports from the National Institute for Public Health. Sound (NIJZ).

As the epidemiologist Marta Grgi Vitek explains to the NIJZ, the KME in Slovenia is a very common disease, morbidity is among the highest in Europe, and a proposal was made for healthcare councils a year ago to implement vaccination against the compulsory health insurance . This year, money has been provided to vaccinate the two generations. Adults of 49 years of age have been chosen because the incidence of CME in Slavia is highest in the 5564 age group, which means that adult vaccination should be thrown into the elderly before the highest morbidity occurs. By children, the course of the disease is mostly blockade, but due to their long-term consequences, the burden of the disease is high for them, so the program also included a generation of children. Three-year-olds have been selected because there is also a systematic review at the age of no other vaccination.

The insurance covers three doses of basic vaccination that the vaccine receives in a year. For the maintenance of these coughs, dosage doses are required, which are self-employed. The first loading dose should be received for three years, then five years and older for fifty years to three years.

Every year a new generation of thrillers and 49-year-old adults will be included in the vaccination program, and gradually reaching an ever-increasing level of Slovenia in front of the KME, they are stressed at the NIJZ. Among the elderly groups who have been vaccinated against Cme, the next three doses of vaccination (baseline or medication) are eligible.

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