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The new incident, the controversial Chinese, responded this time


Chinese son Yang at the World Swimming Championships continues to catch dust.

At the award ceremony, 200's freestyle men's swimmers freely repeated the boycott, evident after the match of the 400m freestyle. This time it is against Chinese victory Son Yang Protested the British Duncan Scott.

Swimming man

SP in swimming


Slovenia is a bad start

The fastest Lithuanian was in the water Today, But he was eventually disqualified because of a quick start. Afterwards, Yang, a suspected doping player, was delighted with the second gold and champion's defense title, which didn't solve the swimmers' problems in a short time of a year and took care of the swimmers & # 39; Protest as the damage would be irreparable if the Chinesman was subsequently punished by the September hearing in the Lausanne sports site.

The Japanese came silver Katsuhiro Matsumoto, And the Russian bronze is a happy bronze Martin Maljutin And Brit Scott. The latter did not want to congratulate Yang at the ceremony, which immediately began with the minor and distressing birth.

Horton son

Drama by SP


The Australian, with a strong protest, began a high applause

Duncan also did not want to reach the highest stage for joint photography, even though Finca issued a warning to Australian people today. Mack Horton, Also, they enjoyed the prize at the Sunday's 400m Freestyle event.

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