Police statement: Some irregularities were identified in the driver


"Do you want us to allow children to drive the drivers that do not have the necessary documentation, with the lack of prescribed equipment and inappropriate records on the tachograph? In any case, there was not just a ban on violations, we listed five. Violations ", in connection with the recent police control of the bus, with special needs children, the police explained.

On January 15, the police traffic officer of the specialized Traffic Control Unit (SENP) has passed tougher road traffic control in the quiet area of ​​Lukovica, focusing on truck and bus driver violations. They also stopped a bus, with children with special needs and their escorts.

"At 12.45 a bus was observed, where the police were seeing a minor irregularity," The Public Relations Department head of the police informed Vesna Drole. As the police officer suspected that they were organizing the transfer of children with the highest safety standards, they stopped the vehicle and checked the necessary documentation and equipment of the vehicle. "The police found that the driver has passed the transport of a group of children in road traffic, and some have been identified as being connected to violations of road safety regulations" explains Drole.

Appropriate measures were implemented against the driver, based on the established situation, and a quick procedure was initiated against the legal entity.

At the end of the Inspection, there is also an authorized person (Inspector) of the Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia's Infrastructure Inspectorate (IRSI) who took the police-related procedure with the operation of the tachograph. It also found irregularities in the recording of data and carried out an appropriate procedure.

The police watched over 40 minutes after the Irisi inspector took over. "We must say that the police knew that this was a carriage of children with special needs. The police officer worked properly with the escorts during the process, including the fact that the bus stopped and controlled in the resting place, Lukovica (where sanitary). Facilities, restaurant provided) and not in a place where it would not have been, but at no time was the passenger limited by any movement, " Added to the police.

Slovenian policePhoto: Universe Kravanja

"When children are eligible for transport, they must pay special attention to all other road users. We must be sure that children are among the most vulnerable road users, and in terms of the number of fatalities, especially when traveling by passengers. In motor cars, " Emphasize the police.

Vehicles for the transportation of groups of children (for example, to school and out of school, to school trips, excursions, training …) must therefore have some special conditions. Strict rules also apply to drivers who transfer groups of children or carry their vehicles for their transportation. "This means that employers need to increase control over drivers and the rights of vehicles used to transport children in traffic," Says Diesel.

According to her, the police found zero tolerance for the violations found. Vehicle supervision is and will be even more careful and accurate, and this will be only and only to ensure the safety and security of the weakest road users.

In the end, the police officer's procedure carried out professionally and generously, taking all these principles, in particular the principles of proportionality, tactics, and rapid implementation of the procedure, prompting this process to last for the shortest possible time and without delay. It is important, however, that if the transport is in accordance with the regulations, the procedure will last a minute or so and the length of the procedure will be proportional to the number of violations of the carrier, in particular the public. Police Department Department explained.

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