Photo: Escaped bull scattered across the city streets


Murcia Sobota – If some tourists from remote countries are survived on Friday afternoon in Murska Sobota, they should think that they are in Spain, where they usually prepare cruel bullets. Fortunately, it is not, but many drivers and pedestrians on Murcia Sobota streets witnessed an unusual scene. In fact, in the city streets, a bull, which later has a lot of work on the staff of the Agricultural and Forestry Institute Murska Sobota, but also a police officer. Luckily, he was quite peaceful and injured. When hunting a bull, which probably didn't even know what's going on, he was assigned by the police, even the guards of the official dogs who closed this way with him.

During the bullfighting on the streets of Murcia Sobota, there was no damage. PHOTOS: B. M., A. M., A. K.

The Murcia Sobota Agriculture and Forestry Institute prepared a day of open doors, where the presentation of the bulls from the sand collection center was held. And during the presentation to experts and even cymbals, one escaped and went on a trip around the city. The prisoners were initially looking for him at the institute when they received a call from the police officer that he had already passed the shopping center Maximus and past the school gymnasium and that he was in the first nine years. There were a few traffic problems and confusion, and for some it was an interesting experience, as there are not many who often see the bull, especially on the city streets. The lively man moved on quite a long way, first after Stephen Kovac's street, and later he met drivers in Tomorrow's settlements, and on Kankarjeva and Miklashevska Street. In the end, it was far away from the headquarters of the CGS Murcia Sobota, where the presentation of bulls and the development of a Leaf breed in Pomurje and the activities of professional services in cattle breeding were in the vicinity of the student home.

The times many have been reminiscent of bullfighters who are culturally deeply embedded in Spanish consciousness, but no matter how we turn to that, the ritual of the masses is cruel torture of animals, only annually in the Spanish part of the Pyrenees peninsula. Unequal fights against armed matador die over 1/4 of millions of innocent bullets. The situation is improving in some places, for example Catalonia, for example, the 2010 bulletins were banned in 2010. The main Spanish organization, which is responsible for forbidden this cruel ritual between man and bull, is the & # 39; association Avatma.

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