Lung cancer has been treated with antibiotics


Ljubljana – treatment of the deceased now Steve Petroshov, Who died at the end of 2013 after more than one year of phlegm treatment of lung cancer, at the Hospital's Schemeter, Franco Derganka was negligent, unprofessional and contrary to the rules of the medical profession, in a non-conclusive judgment he found a District court in Novo Mesto.

As we wrote before time, long-term smoker Petrovics helped in General Hospital Dr. Frank Dergan found the breeding problem for the first time on July 10, 2012. The exact cause of the problem was not detected, and he was told that after investigations are needed. In the next review, in addition to the antibiotic amoxiclos, he was given Efloran, but he again contacted. Damjan Birtiču; He was hospitalized because he apparently got pneumonia. Treatment with new antibiotics did not help, Bronchoscopy or some other investigations were not done, the patient described in detail in his explanation two months before the death of the course of treatment.

Antibiotic therapy remained after he was expelled from the hospital, due to problems that occurred in addition, a pulmonologist in October prescribed a week of antibiotics. In November 2012, he even told him that there was an abscess recovery and ordered him to be careful in a year. But because of acute pain he went to the emergency room and to the personal doctor sent in May 2013 to an early examination of the same pulmonologist, but he was sent home by the analgesic.

When the pain was unbearable in June, he went to a private pulmonologist, who, after examining the X-ray images, immediately sent him to gilnic. After a hospital on July 9, he was diagnosed in less than a week: lung cancer with metastasis in the supraquicular lip nodes (in the area of ​​the roses), the verbra, the skull and the brain, and told him the terrible news That he left with only a few months of life. He died on the last day of 2013 at the age of 56 years. "Sometimes it seems to me that I dream and I hope they will tell me that the last terrible diagnosis is too wrong!" He wrote at the end of October 2013, two months before his death.

The verdict, with which the court found the hospital's damage to the damage, was not final. The photo is symbolic. Photograph: Looking for Sad / Deli

The District Court in Nova Gorica filed a lawsuit against her relatives, who demanded 354 thousands of criminal charges against Zavarovalnyka Triglav, where the Sampeter Hospital has insurance liability, but not completely in terms of the amount. According to the prerogatives of the Primorskoe beginner, three people have given compensation to their relatives for more than 50,000 damages, while relatives say that the verdict for them is primarily moral satisfaction.

The court found, among others, that proper diagnostic procedures should be carried out in the hospital as early as October 2012 and November 2012. While insisting on the problems of a long-term smoker and a patient with such altered lungs, despite the favorable remediation From the inflammatory process, they should also consider the development of lung cancer and make a diagnosis or refer the patient to an appropriate specialized institution for organizing such a patient to control only within a year after the y Nuptialization of a bottle image of the lung is not correct, the court summarized the opinion of the expert and found that the behavior of doctors was unprofessional and unlawful.

Pulmonologist Birti è is advocated in criminal proceedings for the case, as the prosecution alleges ill treatment of it; The process is still not complete.

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