Love for Home: One of the candidates fired for a farm star


He had to leave the show.

Among the candidates who are at the show of love at home they compete for the heart Darje TomažinIs too NejcWhich is much younger than many years of Popeceve's bride. Because Darja disturbed this difference over the years, she presented her friend to neek, Moniko Košenina, Which we met at the farm show. Monica is a daughter Darinka Košenina, Who is also a charming celebrity with the farm show and is currently in love for domestic fights for the Farmer Joeyet.

When Nejci first saw Monica, he told her straight away that he did not like him, and then he was sorry for his observation. "When she went, I thought I was too soon, that it was not for me. I thought it was bad. Then I began to think differently, " Says nejk.

Now, they saw Monica a second time, and Nejek apologized to her and told her she missed her. The young woman admitted that his words shocked him, but accepted the apology. "When my soul poured out my soul, I took it, he appeared in a different light, I didn't expect," She says a light-hearted woman who is interested in what a joke is meant to do with Daria. "She was scared because she introduced me. Explained to you the candidate and pressed her kiss on the mouth with her kiss and her palm on the buttocks. Monica reminds him of a blanket. "They must be a little rough, even in bed, so you can grab one another," He said he was laughing at Nezhk, who had to leave Darjee's farm that day. Both agree that they will remain friends.

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